FLAT-M100 - Stage monitor XS size

Mini format with a great sound

And size does matter! Not every stage provides sufficient space for you to position pedal boards, stands and room-filling monitor speakers. Especially in small clubs and bars, musicians often face the challenge of trying to somehow fit their equipment in the smallest space available. And yet, the solution could be so easy and not much bigger than a shoebox: the FLAT-M100.

The FLAT-M100 is an active stage monitor of compact design which can also fit onto tiny stages up to 10 m2. The high-performance 100 W power amplifier and 2 x 10 cm high-quality full range speaker do not only deliver a distortion-free and clear sound, they also provide a level stability which is not expected of such a compact speaker system.

The XS format will increase your operating range. You have got more room on stage for what really counts: your performance.




FLAT-M100 - Compact, lightweight, practical

  • Flat and very compact full range system
  • Fitted with 2 x 10 cm (FaitalPRO, 2 x 4") full range speaker with neodymium magnets
  • Class D amplifier system
  • Sound pressure at nominal power: 116 dB
  • Indication of signal and limiter
  • Volume control and tone control
  • Balanced line/mic input and feed-through output
  • High-quality multiplex wooden cabinet with protective metal grille
  • 2 x M10 and 2 x M6 threaded inserts for stand adapter or mounting device
  • Supplied with clamp for mounting, e.g. onto a microphone stand





From musicians for musicians

No matter whether microphone, cable or stage box, we all share the love for our products and the passion for music. Thus, IMG STAGELINE represents innovative and tried and tested tools which makes a musician's life easier. We are not the only ones who share this opinion. Bands and trade press have also commented:

Test rating: excellent

“With the FLAT-M100, the manufacturer now offers a high-performance speaker system of compact size with a built-in 100 W amplifier. The system features a high power output with smallest space requirements. The active speaker system can definitely show its strength during unobtrusive monitoring and close-range PA applications.”
delamar.de | 08/2018


Versatile, powerful, lightweight

“The new FLAT-M100 from IMG STAGELINE is a real space-saving solution with an impressive power capability. This mini monitor is compact, practical, lightweight, yet powerful. It features an impressive power rating of 100 W and is sure to become part of the inventory for smaller clubs and singer-songwriters on tour.”
guitar | 9/18and Soundcheck | 9/18

A powerful little package

"With an impressive power rating of 100 W, this device will surely become part of the inventory for smaller clubs and singer-songwriters on tour.”
pma | 7/2018

Test report from the magazine “Die Referenz”

“The FLAT-M100 from IMG STAGELINE is almost as small as a piece of paper. However, the two 4" speakers from FaitalPro impressively deliver up to 116 dB. 'I cannot be heard' could not be further from the truth [...]”
Die Referenz | 07/2018