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We know how indispensable affordable equipment is for the rehearsal room, stage and home studio. We are happy to offer you our IMG STAGELINE cosmos for your music universe

Once it grabs you, it won't let go so easily: That tingling sensation when you know you're going to throw yourself into making music with enthusiasm. Tweak new ideas. Experiment. You forget everything around you and especially the time because you are completely immersed in your art. Teeth clenched when you step on the mark. And how the euphoria breaks out when you get the hang of it. That sublime feeling when everything suddenly works out. The interplay of technology and the band. When friends, family and fans give you enthusiastic feedback. You have our support right from the start. From basics like microphones for your recordings from sound editing with audio interfaces or mixing consolesup to whole PA systems and many more audio tools – we bring together what belongs together. Because IMG STAGELINE is THE brand for all musicians, bands, mixers, DJs and those aspiring to be one. Let's make music together and let us inspire you: The IMG STAGELINE is yours.

And now: Ready, IMG STAGELINE Set up, Go – what would you like to know more about?

You can get that from IMG STAGELINE

We have been around for more than 30 years. We are a brand shaped by live sound focussing on audio components on and off stage. In doing so, we pay special attention to the needs of underground bands, semi-professionals and small to medium-sized stages like hardly any other brand.

For us, it is important to involve you and event organisers in the development process of our products. Many technicians at IMG STAGELINE make music themselves, were previously event professionals, organise, mix and provide support for concerts as well. That helps us, not only to think about high-quality PA systems and thoughtfully designed mixers, but also about a perfect connection between all "major" stage components.

We equip you and your band with all the important components and accompany you on the way from the rehearsal room to home recording up to the stage. Our products are all small, mobile and budget-friendly.

Whether for DIY at home, in the rehearsal room or on stage – we have the right solution and intuitive audio technology for everything so that you can get started right away and concentrate fully on your passion.

And here you can get equipment from IMG STAGELINE:

HUSS Licht und Ton

Stage 1: The IMG STAGELINE philosophy – music is our elixir

Yes, we admit it, we are big technophiles. We want to offer you the best and most functional equipment. Always for everywhere you need it. Always precisely tailored to your needs. For us, it is paramount that you try out good audio technology. But without blowing your budget and ending up with nothing more than noodles with ketchup on your plate at the end of the month (unless you like it, we won't judge you).

We provide you with practical tips from the everyday life of a musician

Like instructions on what an affordable rehearsal room set-up could look like. Or the answer to the question of the optimal equalizer setting.


Be inspired by our exciting content

We regularly provide you with articles covering home recording, sound engineering, live scene and DIY in our magazine. Here you can browse to your heart's content in everything related to the cosmos of music and musicians.

We give the professionals a platform to speak

In our band stories bands like The Hirsch Effect take you behind the scenes. Or sound engineers share their practical experience, like Timo Hollmann, the live mixer for the LENNA sound.


IMG STAGELINE is a strong partner for bands

We don't just talk, we also want to collect very practical knowledge about our products. That is why we work closely with artists. They regularly use our technology and give us feedback so that we can continue to develop.


Stage 2: The basics – you can't do it without a microphone

Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl once said "Singing into a microphone and learning to play an instrument - learning to do your craft - that's the most important thing!" Whether voice, instrument or both together – microphones are simply part of your basic equipment.

The right vocal microphones make your sound shine

You literally have it in your own hands to determine where the journey will take you. Like all mics, vocal microphones are a very personal matter. What works for you or sounds good to you may look completely different for someone else. It is therefore best to think about the purpose of your new dynamic microphone beforehand:

Are you looking for a solid all-rounder or an affordable entry-level model?

Then our DM-3 is just the right thing for all vocalists. It's easy on your wallet, reliable and provides a powerful sound

Are you looking for a solid all-rounder or an affordable entry-level model?

Then our DM-3 is just the right thing for all vocalists. It's easy on your wallet, reliable and provides a powerful sound

You want to move freely and totally without cables in the rehearsal room or at the gig?

Take a look at our ultralight headset microphones that are very comfortable to wear and very sweat resistant. Also comfortable: Our wireless microphones.

You want to move freely and totally without cables in the rehearsal room or at the gig?

Take a look at our ultralight headset microphones that are very comfortable to wear and very sweat resistant. Also comfortable: Our wireless microphones.

You can find more vocal microphones here:

Vocal microphones - great choices and professional quality from IMG STAGELINE Each voice is as unique as the…

Condenser microphones for home recording

The best thing about recording these days is that you no longer have to shell out your hard-earned cash for an expensive recording studio. With a few simple steps you can easily create a very good and professional recording situation in your home.

This is where condenser microphones really come into play. They make your music sound more organic. The ECMS-50USB from our ECMS series can even be connect directly to your PC or Mac so you can get started right away. Completely without an interface.

Let your music breathe and sound more organic with a microphone that captures all the acoustic details like subtle vibrato in a voice or the fading of a string.

For more instrument microphones please click here:

Instrument microphones from IMG STAGELINE - outstanding sound transmission for drums, brass, etc. For the…

Stage 3: Miking and recording

So, you have a microphone selected and want to start recording immediately? That's understandable. But to help you get started right away, we want to give you some practical help. Because how you record your vocals or instruments ultimately determines the quality of your recording. Keyword: miking.

Good recording always starts with miking. There are so many little details in your sound that, besides the notes being played, make the song breathe and live.

This is how you mike your instruments

A solid microphone is often all you need to record your instrument or those of your band. Here, too, our ECM series for studio or home recording is the best choice. The highlights:

  • Large diaphragm condenser microphones with excellent sound

  • extremely thin, gold-plated membrane for maximum pulse fidelity

  • extensive equipment and professional accessories

  • high-quality workmanship and stable metal housing

The drums are a small exception. Its components are to be regarded as individual instruments and therefore require different microphones. That's exactly why we have the DRUMSET-1 or the ECM-250  in our portfolio. The ECM-270 is also suitable for live use.

The drums are a small exception. Its components are to be regarded as individual instruments and therefore require different microphones. That's exactly why we have the DRUMSET-1 or the ECM-250  in our portfolio. The ECM-270 is also suitable for live use.

 We are finally making studio technology affordable for every band budget.

Because every voice counts – bundles for songwriters and podcasters

You want everything from a single source and a complete set-up right away? Without having to spend a long time looking for exactly what you need? Our recording bundles offer you this service. You get studio quality in the smallest space, making you super flexible. This starts with the straightforward set-up. And it continues with the simple USB recording interface that gets you recording in no time And thanks to its light weight, you can take it with you anywhere.

You want to know what this looks like in everyday situations? Then have a look here :

Stage 4: Mixing – Interfaces for Plug & Play

Your set-up is complete and we know exactly what you want now: Straightforward plug & play. We don't want to curb your enthusiasm. But just plugging your microphone instrument into the computer and getting started doesn't work unfortunately. This is because you need an interface, an intermediary, between the microphone or instrument and your audio editing programme.


– an indispensable communicator

The audio interface is the interface between the audio source and the editing programme. It converts the signals in such a way that both can easily communicate with each other.

Our recording bundles and the ECMS-50USB are delivered to you with such an audio interface. For all other options we recommend our practical MX-1IO or MX-2IO . They are smaller than a toaster and make everything possible: Levelling, monitoring, recording.

The MX series: Home recording has never been so small and accessible.

These handy and affordable audio interfaces are easy to use: You connect your microphone or instrument to the back, and you connect the front to your computer. And then you're ready to go. Yay!


4 instances when audio interfaces are preferable to mixers:

  1. If you have very little space and need a small device.

  2. If you want the device to be small enough to just take it with you anywhere, anytime (the MX-1IO weighs less than 500 grams and is only 12 centimetres wide and 5 centimetres high!).

  3. If you only ever have to record one track at a time.

  4. If you don't need any additional functions of a mixer.

Mini mixers – small solutions with more channels

What works well for singer/songwriters looks different for multiple instruments and recording tracks. Here you need a multi-channel mixer for your band. It doesn't have to be a huge and bulky device. On the contrary: We have smaller solutions that also give you mobility – without sacrificing quality.

Our mixer philosophy: Compact, accessible, stable technology with as many different connection options as possible.

Foolproof operation: The MMX-11USB comes with 2, the MMX-30 with 3, the MMX-4 with 4 and the MMX-8  with 8 channels. If you want to mix more than one microphone, the MMX-31 is your best bet. Each of them weighs less than a kilo, making them light and portable.

We love mixers built for all those underground bands, rehearsal rooms, home studios and club DJs. Mixing consoles which offer exactly the features that mixers and musicians actually use in a small space.

We want to make the job of the many artists, bands and technicians a little easier.

Are you more of a fan of the surface feel with faders and potentiometers? We've got you covered:

Analogue mixing consoles - a knack for perfect sound Mixers today are either digital, analogue, or hybrid.…

Stage 5: PA systems and monitoring – Something for your ears

You've got the right microphone and the right mixer. You can record and edit your music with it. Now let's go one step further and look at the sound system – for your home studio, your rehearsal room or later live on stage. Not only you and your band should be able to hear each other well. It is also very important that your sound reaches the audience in the best possible way in live situations. Your music should come out of the speakers in a clean, powerful and undistorted way and reach the ears of the listeners and inspire them. The club scene is changing, and more and more bands have to be part of the concert organisation, for example by being responsible for the PA system. The trend for PA speakers is going towards compact and mobile products that you can bring directly to the location along with your own microphones and mixers. This has the great advantage that you:

  • know your equipment well,

  • are familiar with it,

  • you can set it up quickly

  • and you feel "at home" with them.


PA systems for every room size

Depending on the size of the room you want to fill with sound, your PA should be appropriate. It consists of amplifiers and loudspeakers. We have complete PA systems so that you don't have to fiddle around with how many you need. Handy in one column. As always, our IMG-STAGELINE philosophy of everything being nice and compact with maximum performance applies here too.


Active column PA speaker system class D, 1,100 W
Active column PA speaker system class D, 1,100 W Compact full range system with subwoofer and a full range column module 6 x 7.6 cm (3")…


Professional active DSP speaker system with 2-channel amplifier, 350 W
With the DRIVE series you will get robust and easy-to-use PA speakers which are suitable for versatile applications and feature the latest…

Active or passive PA system:

Of course you can arrange and set up your own active or passive PA system.  For this you need:

active PA system

passive PA system



aktive Lautsprecherboxen

passive Lautsprecherboxen

Not necessary as the amplifiers are already built into the active speakers

analogue or digital PA amplifier (Amp) as a power ampilfier 

+ Mobile and flexible; if one of the speakers

should suddenly give up,

the system simply continues to work

+ Versatile and powerful

+ Less cabling effort

+ Subwoofers are a bit lighter

Amplifiers and active speakers: Powerful and budget-friendly

The amplifier or in stage speak also called power amplifier is the core element and makes for some serious oomph. So that even the last rows can hear who is standing on the stage and that things are really kicking.

We design PA amplifiers the way we design all our products: for the widest possible application, from club stage to festival, from street festival to home set-up.

We've developed ultra-compact active speakers so you don't have to stretch your capacity and budget to the limit for speakers. See for yourself how flexible our FLAT-M series [ is:

Monitoring in the rehearsal room and on stage – you too should be able to hear yourself well

The active speakers in the FLAT-M series are, by the way, also excellent as monitoring systems. Because besides the sound directed outwards, it's also really important for you to hear yourself and your band in the (home) studio and rehearsal room. This is very important later on, especially on stage. It makes it easier to communicate with the mixer during your performance. You can also manage your own monitoring.

Your monitoring on stage could look like this:

  • Use the time in the rehearsal room to get your sound right. You can do that there in peace and quiet. With digital mixers, you can also save your in-ear set-up as a preset. The advantage: It saves you the stress on stage (especially if the on-site sound engineer doesn't have time for it) and for the sound check.

  • You can adjust what you hear on stage in dynamic live locations and have everything completely under control. Because you know yourself and your needs best.

Stage 6: We provide you with technical backing with our essential audio tools

How does it go in Rio Reiser's "König von Deutschland"?: "All this and much more..." That is exactly our mission. We want to give you everything you need to make music and have a good time. That is why we carefully choose our product range and adapt it to your needs.

We not only think about high-quality PA systems and thoughtfully designed mixers, but also about a perfect connection between all "major" stage components.

DI boxes from IMG STAGELINE - perfectly transfer audio Any signal transmission by cable has the disadvantage…

DI boxes – no more cable clutter

DI boxes are really practical. They allow you to send the sound from a source to the mixer or PA without the need to run extra cables – this is especially practical on stage or in the rehearsal room. With the DI box you get a stable signal and are less susceptible to hum loops or other background noise.

Your advantages with DI boxes from IMG STAGELINE

  • reliable technology for perfect signal transmission

  • easy setup

  • versatile applications

  • robust workmanship with metal housing

  • Tried and tested technology

  • Great price-performance ratio

Line splitters by IMG STAGELINE - perfect splitting of audio signals Audio signals aren't always needed in…

Line combiner or splitter – control audio signals

Do you want to (split) your signal from microphone, instruments and other sources or merge different signals? No problem!

Line combiner/splitter easily take care of that.

With a line splitter you can send the audio signal to the mixer, an amplifier in the next room and a recording interface at the same time.

Your advantages with line splitters from IMG STAGELINE

  • reliable splitting technology with almost no loss of quality

  • versatile use as a microphone splitter or audio splitter for up to eight outputs

  • Robust design for a long service life

  • Tried and tested in the field for many years

  • latest sound technology

  • excellent price-performance ratio

The equalizer – for signal processing

With an equalizer you fine-tune the frequency of vocals, guitar, bass and drums during recording. Here we give you a few practical tips on how to set the equalizer and use it for mastering. You can also adjust the sound of the PA in a concert venue to accommodate the conditions of the location.

The perfect sound is the successful interplay of musicians and the technology used.

The preamplifier – for stronger audio signals

Microphone-preamplifiers are important in the studio and on stage to, as the name suggests, provide more power. They help to ensure that a strong signal from the microphone reaches the mixer. The preamplifier is an important audio tool and ensures more dynamic range and less background noise.


2-channel low-noise microphone…
2-channel low-noise microphone preamplifier 2 microphone inputs, XLR, bal. Gain control, 11 steps, 20-70 dB 2 level controls ±5 dB LED…


Efficient stereo headphone amplifier
Efficient stereo headphone amplifier, can also be used as a small power amplifier for 4-8 Ω speaker systems Robust metal housing Stereo…


Microphone preamplifier
Microphone preamplifier, for connecting up to 2 microphones to one line input. Stereo or 2 x mono Wide frequency range Black metal case…

Speaking of more dynamic range – our PA for your pocket

We welcome the compact ENANO-1 to our portfolio. You can use it to play your new songs to friends and family anytime, anywhere. It has a powerful sound and is even waterproof.

We welcome the compact ENANO-1 to our portfolio. You can use it to play your new songs to friends and family anytime, anywhere. It has a powerful sound and is even waterproof.

And now it is your turn! Pick up the microphone, pick up the bass or guitar, sit down at the drums or tweak your sound. Double check your rehearsal room or home studio and see what you're missing or what you could improve. Most importantly – have fun, try things out and get creative. Because as Eric Clapton said:

"You can't mastermind everything. You'll go crazy. Just show up and play." Eric Clapton

— Eric Clapton

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