New microphones: DM-7 and CM-7

Two microphones, one goal: perfect sound without compromise

Strings being struck or the gentle breathing while waiting for your cue, those are the little details that bring recordings and live performances to life. To be able to catch these fine nuances in full detail, we have developed the microphones DM-7 and CM-7. The new dynamic microphone DM-7 allows for a neutral and high-fidelity sound and pushes your live performance to a whole new level. The condenser microphone CM-7 represents an absolute top-class sound and is therefore even suitable for studio applications. In case you also find the last 5% of the sound quality to be important, you should add two new microphones to your list: DM-7 and CM-7.


Dynamic microphone




Condenser microphone




  • Available as a dynamic microphone and condenser microphone
  • Excellent and neutral sound for highest requirements
  • Supercardioid polar pattern
  • Robust metal body of high quality
  • Supplied with microphone holder and microphone bag


Jesse Garon, singer and guitarist of the band Sloppy Joe's:

“I am a rock singer and during a live performance, the most important thing is to hear my own voice on stage. In addition to delivering a brilliant sound, the DM-7 showed an impressively direct monitor signal with virtually no acoustic feedback and excellent speech intelligibility.”

© Photos Christoph Eisenmenger