New microphones: DM-9 and DM-9S

Redesigned microphone technology

All microphones somehow seem to be the same? With the DM-9 and DM-9S, we have made it our mission to prove it wrong. The highlights of the microphones DM-9 and DM-9S include an innovative Active Handling Noise Cancelling technology which considerably reduces handling noise. Especially when you love holding your microphone in your hands, you will really appreciate this feature. Furthermore, the DM-9 series features a Humbucker coil for minimising electromagnetic interference and of course provides a top-class sound and neat workmanship.

Are you looking for an interference-free and clear sound? Then, the DM-9 ought to be your new mic.

The new DM-9 microphones with Noise Cancelling technology:


Dynamic microphone




Dynamic microphone with switch




  • Active Handling Noise Cancelling technology for minimising handling noise
  • Humbucker coil for minimising electromagnetic interference
  • Supercardioid polar pattern
  • Neodymium version
  • Robust aluminium body of high quality
  • Supplied with microphone holder

The DM-9 used by LENNA:

"Once again, the manufacturer delivers a more than just reliable product with a special highlight at an attractive price. (...) The DM-9S from IMG STAGELINE convinces with a pleasant, well-balanced sound and low structure-borne noise. It features impeccable workmanship and excellent handling. One of the highlights is the Humbucker which has been integrated to avoid interfering noise."

— Test result: excellent | | 03/2019

© Photos Axel Sulzbacher