Let the Party Begin


Just in time for the big midsummer celebration, St. Petri Child and Youth Welfare Services received their new mobile PA system from MONACOR INTERNATIONAL. The very first notes of the system surrounding the PROTON-18NEO already put a smile on everyone's face including Mrs. Apel, facility manager (on the right). 


Handover with Kay König (St. Petri), Björn Westphal and Christian Meyer (MONACOR INTERNATIONAL), Uschi Schneidereit and Friederike Apel (St. Petri Child and Youth Welfare Services). 

For a little dress rehearsal, Kay König from St. Petri Child and Youth Welfare Services had the system set up and ready for use in no time. 

Now, everyone at St. Petri Child and Youth Welfare Services is looking forward to the first big practical test of the compact PA system at the midsummer celebration for friends, neighbours and acquaintances on Saturday, 17 June 2017.



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