Rock 'n' Roll


– Made by You and IMG STAGELINE. With this statement, IMG STAGELINE presents its new equipment catalogue 2017.

The brand IMG STAGELINE is a real all-round talent when it comes to supporting a successful event. IMG STAGELINE provides exactly the right equipment for your Rock 'n' Roll.

Even though, the online shop is still available solely for retail partners and not for end-users, the solutions from IMG STAGELINE can, of course, be obtained from every well-assorted music store and different online portals. And if you create a watchlist at and send it to us, you will receive an attractive offer from one of the IMG STAGELINE retail partners near you.

This spring, IMG STAGELINE provides you with a 120-page catalogue which includes a series of new products as well as well-established products. Simply order your free copy now via the IMG STAGELINE website.