Sebastian Dracu

Rock'n'Roll, Germany

His Romanian Carpathian roots inspired his stage name: DRACU.

"Dracu" is an expletive in Romanian and can be understood as a reference to the rebellious spirit of rock music. With a refreshing old-school approach to rock, Dracu has been mesmerising the country's biggest stages since 2014, captivating multiple generations along the way. Rock and Roll's last vampire will celebrate a decade on stage in 2024!

DRACU was a member of the IMG STAGELINE family from 2017 to 2020. After a lengthy hiatus since the pandemic, DRACU rejoins us in 2024 with his usual indomitable fierceness and unquenchable energy.

DRACU made the most of the pandemic-induced lull in the live music scene in 2020. He worked on his sound and developed an increasingly proactive approach to the culture war. The 2022 release of his latest album 'Play some Rock'n'Roll' earned significant acclaim, as awards poured in and the accompanying music video garnered international attention.

Sebastian, singer/songwriter and guitarist:

"I am thrilled to have teamed up with IMG STAGELINE, a partner who can fulfill all the needs of genuine rock and roll. Together with my amplifiers, my DRIVE speakers are the most solid thing I have on stage. My audience and band get consistent, top-notch sound quality, night after night. IMG STAGELINE has made us incredibly flexible. I use several ECM microphones (ECMS-90 and ECM-270) in my home studio, since they're a dream for recording guitar tracks—both electric and acoustic! If it weren't for IMG STAGELINE, my job would be much more difficult. They are always quick to address any issues and provide support when things don't go as planned. I am extremely fortunate to work with people who believe in my work as strongly as I do. We don't talk past each other because we speak the same language: Rock and Roll! A big cheers and thank you IMG STAGELINE!"



Professional condenser microphone
Large diaphragm condenser microphone
Active PA stage monitor speaker system, 200 W