Indie-Rock, Germany

After forming in Bristol (UK) in 2011, the band released their music under the name REDNIGHT until 2021. Determined to put that era behind them, they reinvented themselves during the pandemic-induced hiatus. With the name LIGER and new captivatingly produced singles, they returned to the rock scene after 2 years. At that time, LIGER played numerous club concerts, successful open-air tours at festivals such as “Rhön-Rock”, “Ract!” and “Eupen Music Marathon”. 

 We call this the IMG spirit: craftsmanship. Passion. Inspiration.

LIGER have been part of the IMG STAGELINE family since 2018.

No sleep till...

We firmly stand by the belief of giving young bands a shot. That is why endorsements are always a partnership of equals for us. What does the artist need? Where can we provide support? Because at the end of the day, we are not just equipment suppliers and technology partners, but first and foremost music fans. You should feel that. In our products. But also in the way we work with our artists.

Maurice, singer:

"The endorsement with IMG STAGELINE has taken us musically to a whole new level. The rehearsals were a major challenge before being endorsed, but the dynamic shifted greatly with their backing. We are incredibly grateful to the IMG crew for this, because there is nothing more important for a band than reliable equipment so that as an artist you can concentrate fully on what counts: the music!"

Maurice, singer:

"IMG STAGELINE is our steady companion in the rehearsal room and on stage. Mixing consoles, PA, monitoring - the products save time and space and are easy to use for everyone. This simple handling is crucial for us, especially during live shows. And if the sound is right, too—that's perfect!"

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In use at LIGER

Large diaphragm USB condenser microphone
Stereo class D PA amplifier, 1,200 W

© Headergraphik: Nora Heidi Meyer-Volland