Sloppy Joe's

Heavy Rock, Germany

Since the release of their debut EP of the same name at the end of 2013, the heavy rock band Sloppy Joe's from Hamburg has been rocking the country's big stages and quickly earned a reputation as a “great live band with unmistakable sound and great show". The three rockaholics Jesse Garon (vocals/guitar), Johnny Angel (bass) and Pätzy Dävey (drums) have a simple, hard and honest musical mantra: "It's gonna rock!" 
The band transforms pop songs of days gone by into thunderous heavy rock hits and complements them live with catchy songs from their albums "Devil's Music" and "Eight Reasons To Rock". The audience is part of the show from the very first strum, interaction never ceases. You can forget terms like filler songs or boredom without a second thought. Here, one big bang follows the next, so that even the most staunch refuseniks can't resist getting out of their seats. While Sloppy Joe's may not be revolutionizing rock and roll, the band remains dedicated to creating hard-hitting guitar music with a focus on powerful sound, catchy riffs, and an emotional and joyful performance. This musical formula was already inspiring back then and will continue to inspire future generations. The influence of great rock legends is undeniable here. Anyone who likes bands like AC/DC, KISS, Motörhead, Volbeat or Black Sabbath will love Sloppy Joe's.

Since 2017, SLOPPY JOE'S have been part of the IMG STAGELINE family.


the new EP

When the live music world came to a virtual standstill during the pandemic, Sloppy Joe's used the time to listen to their previous concert recordings. In wise foresight, the three Hamburg natives had two shows in their home town professionally recorded: The release concert for their album Eight Reasons To Rock (2016) at the sold-out Knust venue and the show for the release of the long player Devil's Music (2019) at the Indra Music Club. The best tracks from both concerts have now been compiled for the EP.


SLOPPY JOE'S and our DM-065 "behind the scenes" while filming the single "Devil's Music":

Jesse Garon, singer and guitarist:

"We are a rock band that feels at home on stage. Our core focus is on live concerts with a feel-good factor for both audience and band. Equipment from IMG STAGELINE is a constant and, above all, reliable companion. We were also able to finish our new album with significant support from IMG STAGELINE. Not only visually during the music video shoot for our first single (including the use of the nostalgic microphone DM-065), the products also did an excellent job during production in the studio. We are very pleased about the collaboration and are excited to see what other great things IMG STAGELINE will bring to the market in the future."

Listen to (and watch) the live video of “The Journey”:


In action at SLOPPY JOE'S

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