ECMS series

Finally: affordable studio technology

Good miking is always the key to great recordings. No matter if you want to capture the fading of a bass string, the grating fuzz of an electric guitar or the fine vibration of your voice, you will need a high-quality microphone which is able to capture all of these acoustic details. Our new ECMS series provides just the right microphones.

All the ECMS models are large diaphragm condenser microphones which have especially been developed for studio applications. However, the ECMS microphones are also a top choice when it comes to affordable studio technology for home recordings of music, vocals or podcasts.

Our latest studio microphones:


Premium large diaphragm condenser microphone





Large diaphragm condenser microphone





Compact large diaphragm condenser microphone





Large diaphragm USB condenser microphone





  • Professional studio technology at an affordable price
  • Large diaphragm condenser microphone with an excellent sound
  • Extra thin gold-plated diaphragm for maximum pulse fidelity
  • Extensive features and professional accessories
  • 48 V phantom power
  • High-quality workmanship and robust metal body

As far as demanding and extreme music is concerned, the Hirsch Effekt from Hannover is one of the most prominent bands in the German-speaking area. Their current album 'Eskapist' already made it to No. 21 of the German album charts. Somewhere between progressive metal, jazz and hardcore, the three guys from the band perform amazing musical acrobatics which definitely nail your feet to the floor. This highly complex and multi-level sound of course requires a very detailed recording.

The ECMS series applied by the HIRSCH EFFEKT:

Moritz and the ECMS-90



Nils and the ECMS-60



Ilja and the ECMS-70



Here are some comments from the trade press:

“Great quality at an attractive price”
ECMS-90 | tools4music | 01/2018

“No-frills USB microphone at an affordable price. The ECMS-50USB from IMG STAGELINE impresses with minimal background noise, a vibrant, relaxing and quite detailed sound"
ECMS-50USB | | 02/2018

“Ambitious beginners and semi-professionals will find a suitable tool for recording instruments and vocals at a very attractive price.”
ECMS-60 | | 2/2018

“Condenser microphone for ambitious artists.”
ECMS-90 | | 04/2018

“It provides a full-bodied, relaxing sound with subtle treble boost, sufficient detail and almost non-existent background noise.”
ECMS-70 | | 03/2018

“The ECMS-60 is a fine studio microphone with accessories which is available at an attractive price and which is, of course, suitable for stage applications.”
ECMS-60 | Soundcheck | 5/2018



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